PONDS FC - Grand Final Team Snapshot - 12/3s

|| Grand Final Team Snapshot - 12/3s ||

Good morning, and welcome to our next Grand Finalist for 2019, our 12/3s!

“It’s been a great experience for my first year at the club as a coach. Taking on a bunch of 12 year old boys is challenging and rewarding at the same time. I was lucky enough to have a group of very talented boys all season who really showed dominance when playing other clubs.

Myself being part of the premier league squad for 2019 the boys were lucky enough to endure some drills and training methods straight out of Bradley Attard’s book which really took their natural skill to the next level. Finishing comfortable 2nd on the ladder.

We face the minor premiers on Saturday who we have drawn both games during regular season and beat them 3-1 in the prelim final which was a long time coming. Hopefully we can do it again and be the first team for the ponds to be crowned champions on the Saturday.

Go ponds.”

- Theodosios Laspatzis

You can catch the young lads on Field 7 at 9:35am on Saturday morning against St Pats.

Go get em’ boys 🦁

PONDS FC - Grand Final Team Snapshot - 12/3s

PONDS FC - Grand Final Team Snapshot - 12/3s

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